ON MY SOAPBOX…Come one, come all

While Donald Trump’s Presidency has been placed on pause for a short while, the whole world is watching the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  Like Trump, Zelenskyy loves his country.

If I were to take a survey and ask: What person best represents the opposite of President Zelenskyy? What would be your answer?

Most Americans would say Vladimir Putin.

I disagree. I do not even classify Putin as a person. People have souls. Our soul is the part of us that consists of our mind, character, thoughts, and feelings. Putin has shown that he has no soul. He is without a conscious, heart,  or empathy. He is a ruthless, selfish, cold blooded murderer. He needs to be eliminated like a rabid animal for the atrocities he is causing in Ukraine.

In my opinion the person who would be the opposite  of the admired Zelenskyy, is our very own president, Joe Biden.

Think about it. Biden inherited a country with three major deterrents already in process to defend our southern border from INVASION.

1) The Border Wall…which Donald Trump had to fight like Hell to start building.

2) ICE…The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, federal law enforcement agency to protect the US from  cross-border crime and illegal immigration.

3) Remain In Mexico Policy… Negotiated by Donald Trump…policy allowing migrants with asylum claims to await their asylum hearings in Mexico.

What did Goofy Joe do on DAY ONE of his regime? He created a Welcome Mat for Illegal Immigrants to COME ON IN…America is open for you. Remember the tall stack of executive orders which America-Hating Biden signed? He probably developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from signing all those ANTI-AMERICAN documents.

That was not enough aggression against America to satisfy the DemoCzar. After his illegal masses gathered for him, he moved them under the cloak of darkness to distribute them around our country. Covid was not a problem with Illegals, remember? The more Covid they spread, the better the Democrats liked it. Why? Because they could take our tax money to fund the Greatest Scam in the history of our World…COVID. With Fauci and China working together, they managed to shut down the entire world. 

To top it off…now, as the midterm elections draw nearer, Old Joe has changed his tune….he wants the border closed.

Perhaps he is afraid some illegal immigrants will escape and return home before he can convert them into Democrat voters.




Trump declares US in 'culture war,' calls flying Confederate flag 'freedom of speech' - ABC News


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