ON MY SOAPBOX…Just Humming Along


I have just filled my first hummingbird feeder for the year. Well, I dd not actually fill it, but I did partially fill it with some sugar water for my little friends who may show up in the near future. Last year, they appeared on March 18, which is tomorrow. So I figure they are Irish Hummingbirds with a Saint Patrick’s Day hangover.

My Calico cat sits by the window, looking out, as if she knows what is going on. I will tell you this, my hummingbirds have me on their little Hummingbird GPS and they know exactly where to stop. They are like Santa Claus looking for the good cookies.

I love my little hummingbirds. As I sit at my computer, I subconsciously watch for them. My peripheral vision sees every wasp, bubble bee and sparrow that invades my Annual Hummingbird Flight Path.

This video is from my friends last year. I will keep you posted….you come back now, Ya hear!

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