Show & Tell At Our Congressional Nursing Home

Watch as the speaker tries to complete a sentence. You can almost hear “The Little Engine That Could” huffing itself up the little mountain in the background….I think I can, I think I can. She also does her own sign language interpretations, have you noticed that? She almost becomes airborne a couple times. Once again, she is practically orgasmic when she discusses “taking out the tanks.”

Most important….watch as she exits after her speech. If she had the steps of Air Force One available…and she could fall up them four times, beating Joe by one fall,…she becomes a viable option for a 2024 Democrat Presidential  Candidate. 

I think we actually need a taller and more secure fence around our Congressional Asylum. The inmates are making me nervous. They should at least eliminate Happy Hour before these fools are exposed to television cameras.

-Sheila Tolley-

4 thoughts on “Show & Tell At Our Congressional Nursing Home

  1. Isn’t is so embarrassing that we have such a Fruit cake representing our Country. Not only that, I think she has had to much to drink.

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