This Skanky Bitch….

Jane Fonda thinks MURDER is an option to eliminate Pro-Lifers.
That was her statement when she was invited to join The Skanky Bitch Table at The View.

It is too bad our American Soldiers were too disciplined to think like TREASONOUS-SKANKY-BITCH-JANE FONDA. Otherwise; they could have blown her sorry ass off that  gun as she was posing for the picture.

During Fonda’s visit to Hanoi, she met with North Vietnamese troops. She was pictured sitting on an anti-aircraft gun being used to target American planes. There was outrage at the picture, Fonda was branded a traitor and earned her title Hanoi Jane.

-Sheila Tolley-

Jane Fonda's 1972 trip to North Vietnam earned her the nickname 'Hanoi Jane' - The Washington Post

3 thoughts on “This Skanky Bitch….

  1. I often wonder why the most evil people live so long. I have wondered for years why is George Sores still alive. And so many others that stay busy doing the business of the Devil.

    • Hello my friend….I figure Old Satan is having to enlarge the size of Hell to accommodate their Ever-Growing EVIL souls…and he cannot stay ahead of them. He probably needs to open his borders up to Illegal Deviants to maintain enough labor to stay ahead.

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