If you are not aware, please allow me to enlighten you. Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Of coarse our unelected, illegally selected, president totally supports today’s celebration. Our Country has truly gone MAD.  This Administration has cuddled and pampered the most Freaky people. The Freaks have been placed into top positions in OUR white house. They have no qualifications for the positions they are in, yet, they are very proud of it.

I am talking about LGBTQXYZ.  Think about the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. It took the life of several adults and children, including the child of the Pastor of the Church / School, by a Freaky Trans which the Pastor had been counseling.  For some strange reason the Manifesto she left behind is not being released to the Media. Seems it is being held in secret by a top official in the City Government.  I Wonder why?  There have been some leaks that the manifesto left behind by the shooter Freak, was most offensive to Christians. Perhaps suggesting that Christians should  be eliminated. 

Some of  you may know that the walking corpse, Biden, made a trip to Tennessee. He opened his speech saying that, he came there for the “Chocolate Chip ice cream.”


So little reverence of the loss of Life in that School.  Now to continue, he has given a big slap in the face to Christians  by declaring  this Day,  March 31st  TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY.   Then on April 1st,   there will be a huge Rally in Wash DC  out side the U.S. Supreme Court.   They say, they choose to fight.  

We are surely living in the last days, and Christians are under attack from all directions.  Keep your eyes on the prize, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us  ” Hebrews 12:1″.  As I listened to TruNews Christian  station, with Rick Wiles, he strongly suggested that Church Pastors get together with their Boards and discuss how to prepare to keep your Church congregations safe.  God Bless our efforts. 


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4 thoughts on “OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS

  1. Mary, When we pray to GOD let us ask him to open the doors of heaven and take us all home. This earth is no longer home for the Christians who have tried to keep this world going in the right path. It has become Sodom of biblical fame. A flood will not help this time it would require fire and brimstone to remove the sick demented people who run our world today. Many of GODS churches have left him and have embraced the “Golden Calf” of the left. I no longer go to church because I am shunned by the left and some on the right. I do not find GODS word being spoken in them.

    • Church has not been the same in years to me, Fred. Even the music and singing are totally different from the Christian years of the past. The LOVE of MONEY truly has encapsulated our world. The churches are money crazy, along with the schools and colleges, our political environment and our total Medical Establishment.

  2. God said if we would get on our knees and repented he would restore our Nation. It is up to us to fight this society for the sake of the future don’t give up people ☺️☺️

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