ON MY SOAPBOX….Bernie & the seven dwarves



Early this afternoon, Communist Bernie Sanders presented a little short speech to America. MSM had really high hopes that Bernie was going to toss in his Hammer & Sickle towel. That was not the case. It appears that, although Commie Bernie lost in the Mini-Tuesday vote..he has been invigorated. Evidently, that latest check from Cuba was covered by sufficient funds.

Commie Bernie made it very clear that he is looking forward to the one-on-one debate with Joe Biden on Sunday. Of coarse, we all know it will not be a one-on-one debate. Joe has Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy (Plus the other 4 Dwarves) living, rent free in his head. Now, unless the Crooked DNC, obama and Soros come up with a really impressive brown bag full of money with Bernie’s name on it….this could be getting very spooky for the DNC.

You must give Commie Bernie credit for learning a little lesson from the 2016 political battle. As you will recall, Donna Brazile leaked debate questions to Witch Hillary so she could “study up” on her replies.

Commie Bernie put the brakes on that little plan today. He presented his forthcoming questions to Joe Biden on national TV for all to hear. This will give Sleepy, Creepy Joe…  4 days to “Study Up” for Bernie’s little Pop-Quiz.

The DNC will move ahead now with the debate they had hoped would be cancelled due to lack of interest. They will now install the little fences that prevent Joe from wandering into the audience and sniffing the hair of anyone in reaching distance. They will mandate that Commie Bernie asks his questions in the original sequence, so as not to confuse Old Joe. They will write “WIFE” on Jill’s forehead so Joe can distinguish her from his sister.

They will have Mitt Romney on the line just in case Old Joe needs to phone a friend…WHO IS EVEN MORE SCREWED UP THAN HE IS!


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