Nature’s Architect

“Nature absolutely amazes me. Last year, I watched a little bird through my kitchen window as it swooped down into my backyard. It had a stick in it’s beak. It was about 12 inches long. So I thought to myself: ‘Ok, Little Fella, what are you going to do with that huge (comparatively speaking, it was) stick?’

I kid you not…..I watched as the little bird bent that stick into the shape of, what looked like, a stop sign. Then it carried it up into the tree and started its little nest.”

That little bird never once called for government assistance. It never asked for help. I did feel honored and appreciated as I refilled my bird feeder that evening.

But I know that little bird was somewhere watching me and thinking to itself:

“I Got This,  Miss Sheila, you come back and admire my little baby birds in the near future.”

AND…..I did just that!

-Sheila Tolley-



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