ON MY SOAPBOX….What is white privilege?



I am so glad you asked that question. How shall I explain white privilege?

Simply stated, White Privilege is nothing more than a phrase created by the Democrats. They make slogans/phrases to be repetitively voiced by MSM. This is how it works.

Their brain-damaged gang gathers into dark, dank wine cellars and play word games. A different person is assigned to bring their thesaurus each week. That rule had to be changed when it was Joe Biden’s turn to bring his thesaurus. He thought he was going to China again to pick up his Secret Financial Contribution so he only brought his passport. In order to speed up the progress of their “It Pays To Increase Your Word Power” segments, they locked Joe back in his basement.

So now, you can relax knowing that White Privilege does not actually  exist.

Wait!   Hold on!   News Alert!

Evidently, Nancy Pelosi got so drunk at their last meeting, she thought White Privilege was a perk for the Speaker of the House. She had her own drunken Miss Clairol moment. You remember the Miss Clairol commercial. Her “Does She… Or Doesn’t She?” branding slogan accompanied by “Hair Color So Natural Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure?”

Yep, Miss Nancy was so drunk, she thought Miss Clairol was her best friend. She went stumbling into a Covid-Closed-To-The-Public hair salon which had great surveillance cameras, located in her own district, without a mask. Then she blamed everything on Miss Clairol.

Guess what, Miss Nancy? Your hairdresser is not the only one who knows.

Now the entire world knows that:

You are a spineless hypocrite.

You think you deserve special privileges.

You do not accept personal responsibility for breaking rules.

Oh yeah. I cannot wait to see Donald Trump’s Ad.

You…Saint Nancy….stumbling, unmasked, into that salon.

I must go now and send Donald Trump another contribution. I will personally pay for that ad.


Footage shows US Democrat Nancy Pelosi walking around a San Francisco hair salon without wearing a face mask. Picture: Fox News

2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX….What is white privilege?

  1. Maybe. She would like to take some of her I’ll gained fortune and help pay the bills for some of the business’s that she rules to be closed instead of spending it on ice cream smells like a big fart

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