OOPS! It Resurfaced Joe….

“Oh yeah…we know that Joe has been stealing others MoJo since a very long time ago. I would not be surprised if his next speech goes like this:

‘I was just asking Corn Pop on the way over here….Do you remember when I created the heaven and the earth, the earth was without form and darkness was everywhere. I told you then, Corn Pop…that we needed light and I demanded light. And there was light. And I saw the light, and it was good. I divided the light from the darkness.’

At this point, Joe’s amphetamines will wear off and he will nod off for a few moments. Then he will awaken and close his speech with this:

‘I was just thinking on the way over here…Ask not what your country can do, C’mon man…the deer stops here. Give me liberty or that is why the chicken crossed the road. Being Gay is OK. The Michelin Man is gay. If he denies it he is a lying pony-faced dog pigeon.

My VP nominee, Elizabeth Warren will now speak.  C’mon up, Kamala!’

-Sheila Tolley- 


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