Nothing surprises us about Nancy Pelosi’s treachery

By: Mike Huckabee


With all the speculation about President Biden’s waning cognitive capacity, it’s easy to lose track of what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third in line for the presidency, has been working on behind the scenes in recent months, and what she might be capable of engineering in the months ahead.

As far as we can tell, she and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will be the ones in charge of the decision to trigger the 25th Amendment to end Biden’s presidency and install Vice President Kamala Harris. (Harris, you’ll recall, never won a single primary, even in her home state, during her brief run for President.) So let’s take a look at what Dear Speaker was up to back in January, in the weeks leading up to Biden’s inauguration.

The Speaker was very busy the day of January 8. First, she had a phone call with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley. More on that later. Then, she sent a letter to her Democrat colleagues to tell them about the call.

“This morning, I spoke to [Gen. Milley] to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike. The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from this unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy.”

President Trump was “unhinged,” “dangerous,” “unbalanced”? I would say that a Speaker of the House who would quiver with hate as she ripped up the President’s State of the Union Address on national TV might herself be considered unhinged, but never mind. This letter is right in character for her.

And it goes much farther than that. In a section called “Removing the President from Office” (I am not kidding), Pelosi wrote, “As you know, there is growing momentum about the invocation of the 25th Amendment, which would allow the Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet to remove the President for his incitement of insurrection and the danger he still poses. Yesterday, Leader Schumer and I placed a call to Vice President Pence, and we still hope to hear from him as soon as possible with a positive answer as to whether he and the Cabinet will honor their oath to the Constitution and the American people.”

Well, I hope they weren’t holding their breath for VP Pence to get back to them on that! On second thought, it might have been better for the country if they had been. ‘Cause they’d still be holding it.

Did she really bring up the 25th Amendment with Gen. Milley? President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton says, correctly, that if this is true, “it sets a dangerous precedent that could undermine the President’s role as Commander-in-Chief and the separation of powers.” To find out, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom Of Information (FOIA) request with the Defense Department, but (surprise) they failed to respond. So now they’ve filed suit in the U.S. District Court for Washington DC.

They’re demanding “any and all records” having to do with this phone call, including but not limited to “any and all transcripts, recordings and/or summaries of the call, as well as any other records produced in preparation for, during, and/or pursuant to the call.” They also demand “any and all communication between Gen. Milley and House Speaker Pelosi between November 1, 2020, and the present.”

November 1 is an interesting start date for the records they want, considering that was even before the election. I wonder if Judicial Watch has gotten wind of other conversations that might have taken place even before the transition period.

Judical Watch issued a press release to announce this on Tuesday.

Fox News reported on this at the time . They focused on Pelosi’s “concern” about an “unhinged” President having access to the nuclear codes. It was a ridiculous story even then.

The same day, Gen. Milley’s spokesperson confirmed that they’d had a conversation, but, according to a story in U.S. NEWS , “in a carefully crafted statement distanced the Pentagon from any attempts by the House Speaker or any other congressional leaders to strip the President of his authorities.” Well, I would hope so!

Gen. Milley deserves credit for stressing the political neutrality of the military at a time when rumors of a “coup” were swirling. That was all just a hoax, though Pelosi used it as a pretext to call up thousands of National Guard troops and merrily festoon Capitol Hill with razor wire. All of that is still in place, by the way.

If Nancy Pelosi had any sense of shame, she would be mortified for having accused President Trump of “insurrection,” as there was no evidence whatsoever that he had anything to do with the January 6 breach of the Capitol Building. She herself is in large part responsible for that tragedy, as she failed to put the proper security in place.

Also, the FBI has just released security footage of the person who placed the two “fully functional” pipe bombs THE NIGHT BEFORE at the DNC and RNC headquarters, most likely, they say, as a “diversionary tactic.”

In other words, it was part of the PLANNED protest that was carried out during Trump’s rally. Trump “incited” nothing.

But never let a true narrative get in the way of a false one. If anyone is “dangerous” to the Republic, it’s someone like Nancy Pelosi, who would eagerly have used the 25th Amendment (or any other means she had) to take down the eminently lucid President of the United States over something he didn’t do.

So, did Pelosi actually talk this up with the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Perhaps Judicial Watch, through the courts, will be able to uncover a bit more of her spider’s web. Nothing they find out would surprise me; she has already demonstrated over and over what a treacherous person she is.


3 thoughts on “Nothing surprises us about Nancy Pelosi’s treachery

  1. Very good Post. This was all new to me. Except I did see on FOX NEWS the photos of the person or persons that had set the pipe bombs. Nancy and all that Democrat bunch are evil and I pray every day for the Good Lord to bring the whole bunch down, for the world to see them for who they really are. Delivers Us O Lord from the hands of the Evil Doers !!!!!!!

  2. Mrs. Nancy wouldn’t do that, she has said so… With her fingers crossed behind her back. If she is allowed to stay in Washington and allowed to continue her relentless task of destroying the America it would be a shame. We need to find a way to remove her and Chucky boy from the swamp and destroy them and their followers once and for all.

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