ON MY SOAPBOX…Whoever they are



I know I am not the brightest bulb on the tree or the sharpest tool in the shed and occasionally the cheese seems to be sliding off my cracker.

I am really confused on an issue and I hope my Bright, Sharp, Republican readers who have their crackers squarely cheesed, can share some light on a question for me.

First of all, I keep hearing about Minority Voters. Who are these people? What do they look like? Where do they live? Who is picking on them? What would it take to make them happy?

I have spent a lot of time thinking over these questions before tossing them out to my wonderful readers.

I know they cannot be speaking of the Democrats as Minority Voters. That makes no sense at all. After all, PINO Biden (A Chinese Democrat)  just harvested 81,283,098 votes in the 2020 election. He was the first U.S. presidential candidate to receive more than 80 million votes. Those numbers  triggered PINO Biden to send a Thank You note and a case of future government contracts to Hunter’s Godfather, Xi Jinping.

I heard that some of these Democrat voters were alive. A few even voted in their proper district. I was also told that a small percentage voted only once and in-person. You cannot always believe these rumors, so keep those fantastic facts “Under Your Hat.”

Because of all the problems with the 2020 election, many states are introducing and approving election reform measures. HOR Bill 531 details the changes for Georgia.

The outlandish suggestion that Americans should have fair and honest elections has really put a Bee in the Bonnet of these Minority Voters, whoever they are. Today, let’s talk about Absentee Ballots.

For example, Under HB 531, voters must include their Georgia Driver’s License or ID number, or a photocopy of another government-issued document in order to request an absentee ballot. OMG, The Sky Is Falling! Settle down little Minority Voters, it is that little laminated 3.5 X 2 inch card that you show when you go to your local store to buy your case of Schlitz, Mad Dog 20/20 wine and lotto tickets.

Hold on, it gets worse. HB 531 also shortens the window for Georgians to request an absentee ballot. You will no longer have 6 months, you will have 78 days. What do these  Minority Voters (whoever they are) do? Do they hibernate like bears through the Winter months? Get yourself a Mental Hook.  Somewhere around Mid-August, or all of September or all of October every 4 years, order yourself an absentee ballot. Or, even simpler, when you see Bernie Sanders pop back on TV every 30 seconds running for president again…. order yourself an absentee ballot. Who reminds Minority Voters (whoever they are) to pay their light bill every month? 

Moving on….HB 531 prohibits counties and the state from sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications as they did ahead of the 2020 primaries because of the coronavirus pandemic.  In other words, if you qualify for an absentee ballot, AND WANT ONE, request one. Is that so complicated?

Your mission, my wonderful readers, should you decide to accept it….is to explain to me how these rules which apply to EVERY LEGAL VOTER IN GEORGIA somehow….

“unfairly impact and disenfranchise minority voters.”

Whoever they are.


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4 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Whoever they are

  1. You go my dearest. If the minority voters (who ever they are) can get to the liquor store (to show their I’d of course) and to the free food distribution areas they should have NO problem getting to the polls in a fair and LEGAL election k

  2. SAY IT LOUDER JOE!! They did not hear you in Washington. Those in power currently can not hear the citizens of this country and refuse to even admit it.
    We need to remove them,,,,

  3. The D’s are laughing all the way to the polls as these “do nothing” so called voting reforms are being made into law. They are busy working on the wrong problems. To have honest voting we MUST have the following: # 1. Voter ID must be enforced, # 2. Absentee voting must be stopped and # 3. the Dominion (vote manipulating) system MUST be thrown out.

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