Evidently PINO Biden is extremely concerned about a truly massive problem in America. In fact, this dilemma affects 120 countries around the world. Biden is in a quandary and perplexed about resolving this difficult situation.

Like you, I am also a nervous wreck over this issue. The good news is, you can rest a little easier tonight because…..

PINO Biden’s Federal Trade Commission has begun to look into the too-oft broken McDonald’s ice cream machines, which have angered consumers and franchise owners for years.

WHEW! I feel so much better now. Just think about the ramifications that could have happened if PINO Biden’s FTC had not jumped on this problem immediately. We could find ourselves with some teenagers who are no longer obese.

What would retailers do with all the Chunky-Teen-Dream Clothes that are so popular? What about Amazon’s huge inventory of the new PHAT selection of ladies clothes? We all know China is not going to take them back.

One member of the FTC stupidly asked this question, “Sir, what should we do about the  pending investigation of the Dominion Voting Machines?”

That question created a job opening at the FTC which will be added to  Joe’s “New Jobs Created” total.

At the conclusion of this Ice Cream Fiasco, PINO Biden has assigned a team to investigate and equalize the color distribution in the packs of Skittles and confirm the ratio of Chocolate to Peanut Butter in Reeses’ cups.


You Can Get a 3-Pound Bag of Skittles on Amazon for $9

3 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…How Sweet It Is

  1. More and more bureaucrats who are non-accountable, non-elected and cannot be fired making laws that affect our lives! Soooooo, how do you like socialism / communism so far?
    Just asking for a friend.,

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