They only had one job to do…

2 thoughts on “They only had one job to do…

  1. Typical of the “educated” today.. We no longer teach our young the basics of making a living such as reading writing and math. We teach them to be WOKE, ashamed of their heritage and sex. We teach that there is no difference between men and women that they are the same both physically and mentally. (they are much smarter) We teach that life has no meaning and we can have abortions willy nilly and no one cares.

  2. With many of these Kids being out of school for the last year, and who knows how much longer, thanks to all those Great Union Teachers. Those kids are just getting dumber and dumber. The Democrats love not letting a good tragedy go to waste.They are milking this Coveid 19 for all it has got at our expense in so many ways. Only these past few weeks has some of the people started to wake up and say “All this Bull Crap has got to stop”. Wearing these mask for hours and hours on end is really making so many more people very Stupid. How could it not breathing your own waste all day.

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