The So-Called Equality Act

By: Mike Huckabee

I can’t think of any kind decent American who is against Civil Rights or Equality. An underpinning of our very existence as a country is “…all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” What’s not to embrace in those words? But when politicians start re-defining what equal or a “right” means, the very meaning of such words are turned inside out and with it our culture and our country.

President Biden has made the passage of the so-called Equality Act to be one of his highest priorities. Sounds pretty innocuous since equality is a good thing. But the Equality Act, introduced last year by Nancy Pelosi is not as it sounds. It adds 2 new designations the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was and remains landmark legislation to end racial discrimination in voting, housing, employment, and participation in civic affairs. The Equality Act would add sexual orientation and gender identity to classes of protected civil rights. This is not a minor adjustment. This would mean that a person who declares oneself to be homosexual or transgender would be given protections given to those who are biologically black or Asian, Native American or female, or who despite being a biological male, would have to be treated as a biological female merely on the basis of declaring one’s gender as female.

While you may think this doesn’t concern you, think again. If you are a business owner, you could lose your business license and be prosecuted for a hate crime and/or discrimination for adhering to Biblical marriage standards and declining to print wedding invitations for a same-sex couple, or being a doctor and refusing to perform a double mastectomy and hysterectomy on a 14 year gender dysphoric girl who decides to “identify” as a boy. If her parents forbid the surgery, they could lose custody of their daughter. That actually happened to parents of a 17 year old girl in Ohio who refused to put their daughter on body altering testosterone when she wanted to be a boy.

Men would be allowed to sleep, shower, disrobe, and live with biological females at a battered women’s shelter. Men TSA agents who “identify” as women would perform strip searches on females. Churches would be forced to allow boys to occupy girls’ dorms and showers at church camps or Christian colleges. And boys who declare themselves to be girls are already participating in women’s sports, dominating the sports and demoralizing the women and destroying their chances of athletic scholarships.

And if I simply say, “God created male and female, and it says so in the Bible,” I could be sued for discrimination, lose whatever business I’m in, and be labeled guilty of a hate crime.

A teacher was fired for refusing to use masculine pronouns for a female student who wanted to be treated as a male. If you own a business that involves artistic expression, be it cooking, calligraphy, cake-decorating, or making t-shirts and decline expressing support for a gender transition party, you can be sued, charged with discrimination by the government and put out of business. The rights of a male pretending to be a woman will be protected, but your right seeking to actually live as a Christian will be eliminated.

You should contact your Senator, and tell them to stop stepping on the rights of some to give special rights to others in an insane unwillingness to follow science of basic biology. Here’s some science: There are two genders-male and female. We are assigned one in the womb at conception. We can have surgery and hormone therapies to change our physical features, but we can’t just make a declaration that we are something we are not and force the rest of the country to accept that as normal. And an act of Congress can change the law, but not even an act of Congress can re-write Scripture.

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