Watch Your Mailbox

Tomato Clipart Red Object - Object Overload Cherry | Transparent PNG  Download #990548 - Vippng

Yesterday I received my 2021 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, two discount coupons to KFC, a ‘Biden Hope & Change’ bumper sticker, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my ass and a ‘Blame it on Trump’ poster for the front yard. The directions were in Spanish. Yours should arrive soon.

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix ‑ Shop Baking Mixes at H‑E‑B

KFC Coupons and Discounts

Bumper Stickers / Framing the Dialogue

4 thoughts on “Watch Your Mailbox

  1. I just want everyone to know how much I am looking forward to the 4th of July, so I can have a BBQ with my family out side. I am saving the cornbread mix and KFC coupons for that very day. I should also have some fresh tomato’s by then, I just planted my two seeds.

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