When significant events happen…it seems we cannot trust MSM.

That is no big deal to me, you know why?

I drag out my old trusty OUIJA Board. It has never let me down.

It works as good as my voodoo dolls. I pinned my Nancy Pelosi voodoo doll to the floor back when George Floyd was the democrat Idol and it took her entire security team to pick her up.

I love my OUIJA Board. It is so honest. I asked it a few questions:

ME: What excuse will Stacey Abrams use when she loses the election for governor of Georgia for the second time?

OUIJA: She will say that she was not properly listed as INCUMBENT on the ballot. Incumbents have an advantage.

ME: If that fails to get her on The View…what will be her next excuse?

OUIJA: She will say that Oprah and Obama are not black, per Joe Biden…so they hurt her chances.

ME: Who/What will the democrats blame when the Republicans take the house and senate?

OUIJA:  Donald Trump/January 6.

ME: When Dr. Oz beats Fedderneck, what will they say?

OUIJA: That it was a trick, smoke and mirrors, because Oz is a wizard.

ME: What will the Dems blame the HUGE Red Wave of November 8th on?

OUIJA: Elon Musk.

ME: Why did Paul Pelosi get hit with his own hammer in his own home?

OUIJA: Because Nancy keeps the gavel with her….BUT not for long.


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