ON MY SOAPBOX…Gonorrhea is back

(with assistance from Cathy)


Perhaps you have heard  the CDC warning about a new virulent strain of an old disease. The bad news just keeps a’coming. Gonorrhea has made a comeback. The new strain of the disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim (pronounced “Gonna re-elect ’em “), and is capable of crippling our country.

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2020 when they elected Joe Biden and Liberal Progressives. They are now realizing the destructive nature of this disease. They admit an immediate “Fecally Outlook” on life and fully realize that a mask is zero help in containing this disease.

Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug, despised by Dr. Fauci, called Votemout ( pronounced “Vote-em-out” ). It can be picked up at your local pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. You take the first dose now. The second dose should be taken just before the 2022 elections. Otherwise, Gonorrhea Lectim could wipe out all intelligent life  in America.

Please pass this important message on to all borderline Democrats who appear to have enough ambition to pull their cranium out of their rectum.


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